Turning Sales Executives into Sales Leaders

Some of Our Services

1. Sales Leadership

-Overall sales strategy

-Sales territory design & management

-Creating effective compensation plans

-Best practices for Sales onboarding 

-Best hiring practices; how to attract and keep the "A" players

-Presidents Club & awards systems

2. Team Leadership

-Staffing for peak performance

-Hunters & Farmers; how many of each

-Coach and develop effective leadership techniques

-How to establish solid communication and feedback loops

-Create an effective sales team culture-team building strategies & practices

3. Revenue Analysis & Strategy

-KPIs - creating and achieving 

-Effective sales & revenue forecasting

-How to meet and exceed team revenue goals and targets

-Goal assignment

-Team performance analytics & how to achieve best team performance


"...thanks for helping me design a plan for my personal success as the Director of Sales and mentoring me through the process."

Mike C

"... also a good coach and mentor ... ability to create and communicate a vision...challenge and support his team.

Susan P

"...a results driven executive with a track record of success."

Marc M